Wind Power Steel

Wind power steel is widely used for wind power generation assembly. NISCO passed the certification of GE in 2005, VESTAS and Gamesa in 2006, SIEMENS in 2007, and Alstom in 2010. Our employee Ms. Liu Lihua was awarded “Development and Application Award for Wind Tower Steel Plates” by the Chinese Society for Metals in 2010. NISCO leaded the draft of wind power standard《GB/T 28410-2012》as the major drafting unit in 2012 and became the supplier for YAMAL project in 2014. NISCO wind power steel product has a large market share with an annual output reaching 350,000 tons. As a pioneer in wind power industry, NISCO has the proven production process and abundant experience as well as effective control methods for profile control, surface quality, internal quality, mechanical properties, etc., and has won the bids of the projects such as Pakistan Wind Power Project, one of  Belt and Road Initiative projects, Thailand Wind Power Project, Titan wind power project which has the highest onshore wind tower located in Heze, Shandong province, The prototype from Autumn Wind at Dafeng port which has the highest offshore tower, YAMAL Project, offshore wind power project of Lingang stage 1, and offshore wind power jackets project H2.

Product Information

Grade< Size(mm*mm*mm) Standard
Q345D、S355J0、S355J2、S355K2、S355NL 6-250*1500-4700*L GB/T 1591EN 10025c
Q345FTD、S355ML、S420ML、S355G10、S420G2 4-100*1500-4700*L GB/T 28410EN 10025
S355G10、S420G2 4-80*1500-4700*L EN 10225

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