Nanjing Xinwu Shipping Co., Ltd.

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Founded in 2004, Nanjing Xinwu Shipping Co., Ltd, which was co-invested by Nanjing Iron and Steel United Co. Ltd., Nanjing Wujiazui Group and Nangang Sitong Transportation Limited, is mainly engaged in the coastal and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River transportation and integrates shipping agency, freight agent and ship management services as a whole.

The company has won the honors such as “Nanjing Key Logistics Enterprise”, “Top 20 Quality and Credit Sea Transportation Enterprise of Jiangsu Province”, “Nanjing AAA Credit Water Transport Enterprise”, “Jiangsu Credit 4A Brand Enterprise” and “Vice President Unit of Nanjing Water Transport Association” successively.


The company owns nine vessels now, including three self-operated vessels, four jointly-operated vessels and two entrusted operation vessels, with a total carrying capacity of 84,420 tons and an annual carrying capacity of 11.36 million tons. As the company’s strategic customers, NISCO and Conch is allocated with the transport volume of 8.44 million tons and 2.46 million tons, which accounts for 74.30% and 21.65% of its total transport volume respectively.

The company is committed to offer first-class logistics services to the customers through standardizing operation, service and management and utilizing security management system, Standard ISO9001 and information management system.