Nangang K.Wah

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Nangang K.Wah, a joint venture co-invested by Nanjing Iron and Steel United Co., Ltd and K.Wah Building Materials Co., Ltd, is specialized in the production, sales and technical service of slag powder which is a green and environment-friendly building material. The company covering an area of about 200 acres is located in Xinhua Community, Yanjiang Street, Pukou District, Nanjing City, which boasts convenient transportation.

As a listed company, Nanjing Iron and Steel United Co., Ltd is a large-scale steel enterprise integrating mining, steel making, and steel rolling and has  modernized production system from iron ore to finished product and from carbon steel to special steel, which had provided Nangang K.Wah with abundant, reliable and high-quality blast furnace slag as well as production conditions such as water, electricity and gas.

K.Wah Building Materials Co., Ltd is a listed company in Hong Kong and the subsidiary of K.Wah Group, and also one of the five major building material suppliers in Hong Kong. The company is mainly engaged in building materials business in Chinese mainland and Hong Kong including slag powder, quarry, premixed concrete, cement, pitch and related product manufacture, etc.



Slag powder, also known as mineral powder or granulated blast furnace slag, is a kind of high- quality concrete additive and cement mixture, which is widely used for all kinds of ordinary concrete and high-performance concrete. Slag powder is made of granulated blast furnace slag after dry grinding processing with prescribed fineness, and satisfies the requirement of the corresponding activity index. Granulated blast furnace slag is made from the high-temperature molten furnace slag after water quenching treatment during iron making process. Thanks to the strict control of the chemical composition of cast iron in modern steel enterprises, the chemical composition of granulated blast furnace slag is strictly controlled, which enables the slag powder to have a very stable chemical composition. Nangang K.Wah uses the high-activity granulated blast furnace slag from NISCO Iron-making Plant as raw material, the high- temperature molten slag discharged from the blast furnace transforms into granulated blast furnace slag instantly during the cooling by a large amount of water. The main production facilities in Nangang K.Wah were imported from Germany, among them, the vertical mills type RMS 51/26 were supplied by Polysius Germany, which is one of the world-leading slag powder production lines, and the produced slag powder meets the national standards of different countries, such as Chinese Standard GB/T18046-2008, British Standard BS6699, and American Standard ASTMC989.