Space Honor

Time: 2018-05-01   Author: anonymous   Times of Browsing: 25279

Founded in October 2016, Space Honor is an innovative enterprise specializing in the research and development of carrier rocket technology.

The Company is committed to the research and development of the core technologies, manufacturing and launching service of carrier rockets and the team has the courage to shoulder the mission to revitalize national commercial space industry and strives to break the barriers of technology research and development as well as management system in order to gradually reduce launching cost and release commercial launching demand, which will vitalize China’s space economic and further consolidate China’s status as a space superpower and gain the advantage over SpaceX in the future.

Core members had successful developed China’s the most reliable rocket, long March 2 F, which laid the foundation for China's manned space development program, and participated in the overall design of China's largest carrier rockets, long March 5 and the design of hydrogen-oxygen rocket engine, which filled the blank of high thrust liquid propellant rocket engine in China, and successfully rolled out of a better and recyclable technology roadmap the test of which had completed. At 2 am on April 5, the rocket named hyperbola-1s was launched in Hannan with flight altitude above 100km and maximum speed over 1,200m/S, which marks a complete success of the first flight test of the commercial carrier rocket developed by Beijing Space Honor Technology Co., Ltd.

The company accurately predicted the development trend of the industry under the backdrop of private enterprises worldwide strives to develop low-cost carrier rockets, and determined to tackle the technological difficulties of low-cost launching, reusable liquid-oxygen-methane-propellant rocket engines, based on its own technical advantages.