Furth Environmental Protection TechnologyCo., Ltd.

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Yunnan Furth Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd was founded on July 10, 2007 with the registered capital of 100 million yuan. On December 7, 2015, the company was restructured to incorporated company, and stockholder’s meeting, board of directors, board of supervisors and management was set up according to articles of incorporation. The wholly-owned subsidiary, Wuxi Duke, has nearly 170 staffs, including 5 staffs with doctor degree, 6 staffs with master degree, and 95 staffs with junior college degree and over. The company had built a professional team that led by overseas returnees, the members of which major in material, mechanic, automobile engine, electronics, etc. The team not only has the research and development foundation for core materials of the carrier but also has aftertreatment- related backgrounds. Thanks to good academic background and research and development ability, the company takes the leading position in terms of technology research and development ability among domestic honeycomb ceramic carrier enterprises.

The company is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D and production and targets the world’s most advanced environmental cleaning material, now the company takes developing porous cordierite carriers and porous silicon carbide ceramics carriers as the main direction, meanwhile, develops various new ceramic carriers such as aluminum titanate and mullite, and had obtained some 10 international technical invention patents in the United States, Europe and Korea. The company has the practical experience and innovation capability to undertake national and provincial key scientific and technological projects, its subsidiary, Wuxi Duke Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd had adopts robot operation. So far, the company has introduced the talents with doctor degree from well-known universities in China as well as overseas returnees to set up a R & D team consisting of the professionals majoring in new materials, process design, machinery design, automobile engine, electronics, etc., in an effort to take the leading position in terms of R & D ability and production capacity in domestic carrier and post-processing industry within three years.

From 2015 to 2017, the company has realized a total of 22.89.13 million yuan of operating income, 118.12 million yuan of operating costs, and realized a profit of 49.85 million yuan. By the end of February 2018, the total assets and liabilities of the company were 101.3782 million yuan, 11.165 million yuan and 11.01% respectively.


The company’s product technology takes the leading position domestically and has been highly recognized. As one of main units, the company participated in the establishment of a series of industry standards such as National Environmental Protection Standards of the People's Republic Of China (HJ45-2008), Technical Requirement for Environmental Protection Product –Aftertreatment Device for Diesel Vehicle Exhaust and its latest revision CAEPI 12-2017 Technical Requirement for Aftertreatment Device for Diesel Vehicle Exhaust, Automobile Industry Standard of the People's Republic of China (QC/T 829-2010)  and Test Method of Aftertreatment Device for Diesel Vehicle Exhaust. At present, the company’s series products have been listed as the first batch of certified products of Aftertreatment Device for Non-road Diesel Machinery and In-use Diesel Vehicle Exhaust and also the certified products of Aftertreatment for Non-Road Diesel Machinery Engines with Emission Standard Stage 4 in Beijing. In addition, the company maintains long-term technical cooperation with domestic diesel vehicle manufacturers and supplies the products on a large-scale basis.

At present, the company is implementing the strategy to build the industry cooperation chain that integrates aftertreatment carrier, catalysis, packaging and system integration as a whole and strive to be a high-tech post-processing enterprises with highly intelligent production facilities, highly informationalized production process, highly intelligent production resources as well as highly innovative business administration and technology R & D. The company will take people as the core, constantly improve the technical level and manufacturing capacity, and provide customers at home and abroad with high-quality environmental treatment products and scientific solutions through independent development and industry-college-institute joint development to meet the needs of different customers, and contribute to the global environmental protection.

The company will make qualitative leaps through technology upgrading and management team building, production process stabilization, production automation consistency improvement,  industrial chain integration and capital operation in the coming three years when the state implements Emissions Standard VI in 2020 and strives to not only take the leading position domestically in vehicle exhaust aftertreatment field and but also lay a foundation for maintaining ahead in waste gas treatment field within three years.