BESINO Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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As a private enterprise, BESINO Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was founded in January 2016 and registered in Shanghai Free Trade Zone with the registered capital of 1 billion yuan, the total asset of 1.843 billion yuan, the net asset of 946 million yuan and the asset-liability ratio of 48.67%. The major shareholders are Shanghai Fosun High Technology (Group) Co., Ltd and Nanjing Iron and Steel United Co., Ltd, each with the shareholding ratio of 50%. The main business scope mainly consists of water and water-related environmental improvement services which involves sewage treatment in cities, countryside and industrial sectors, water supply, sea water desalination, sludge disposal, watershed harnessing, sponge city as well as soil restoration.

BESINO Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd owns and operates 10 urban and industrial sewage treatment plants nationwide with the operating models such as BOT, TOT, entrusted operation, the signed franchise scale of which reaches nearly 1.54 million tons per day. It owns the largest sewage treatment plants in Anhui and Jiangxi province. In 2017, the company’s operation revenue and net profit reaches 409 million and 125 million yuan respectively with the net profit rate of 30.56%, and the net cash flow of business activities amounts to 229 million yuan.

BESINO technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, formerly Berlin Wasser (China) Holdings Limited which was founded in September, 2008 as the subsidiary of the world-renowned Berlin Wasser Group and dedicated for Chinese market. The company started water treatment related business such as investment and operation management in China as early as 1997 and owns the advanced water treatment technologies and management experience from Germany.