New Energy

Time: 2018-05-05   Author: anonymous   Times of Browsing: 40023

Thanks to the green and low-carbon emission development trend and the increasing application scale of clean manufacturing technologies for addressing the global climate change, the new energy revolution is changing the existing international energy landscape. The New Industry Investment Group focus on the innovation and application of green and low-carbon technologies, and leads the green consumption and promotes green products, and comprehensively pushes forward the construction of energy-efficient, eco-friendly and resource recycle industrial system. Besides prioritizing clean energy such as LNG, solar power and wind energy, the Group also targets the core technologies of the batteries, motors and electronic control of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles in new energy automobile industry, and has jointly built LNG station with ENN Energy Holdings Limited and Jiangsu Yanjiang Logistics Co., Ltd and cooperated with Suez France on the projects such as solar power station, biomass power generation and distributed energy sources, and is seeking the cooperation on developing new energy automobile industry chain taking electric motor and control as the core.